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Supporting women and families as they prepare for a safe and empowering childbirth experience.


About Me


Hey family, my name is Tiara! I am a faith based, holistic birth doula & maternal health creative currently based out of Atlanta, GA. I provide holistic techniques and tips on how to maintain optimal reproductive health and overall womb wellness. Here you will learn integrative strategy on how to activate the innate power that dwells inside of you, as your go and grow through your maternal wellness journey.

 ROMANS 8:11, Ezekiel 47:12, 3 John 1:2

Birth Worker History:

2 years of Independent Doula experience

Member of IHDM Mentorship Cohort 4

Atlanta Doula Collective 

Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies of GA 

"I am a witness and a vessel with the intention to create safe spaces where mamas can reconnect to their innate power, and autonomy."

- Tiara Calahan, Thee Dancing Doula



Prenatal/Postpartum Movement Therapy
Solo Session

Aligning the mind body and spirit through mindful movement and dance therapy. Increases pelvic mobility and reproductive function by bringing oxygenated blood to the pelvis.

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Waistline Therapy Solo Session

An Afro-Caribbean dance fitness session designed to help activate your divine femininity through the art of mindful movement and waistline technique. 

Stretch Therapy
Solo Session

Mindful movement and therapeutic breathing technique while stretching, designed to alleviate muscle tension and revitalize the mind body spirit connection.


I took Tiara’s class when I was about 8 months pregnant. My baby was almost here and I
needed to move my body to help him make his way out! The stretches I learned to do were easy
but effective and I was able to keep up the practices even after class. With her instruction I felt
safe and I love her energy! Tiara is a lot of fun! I would recommend her classes for pregnant
mamas and women looking to loosen up their hips!

Tiana B

I can honestly say I have felt completely supported ever since you reached out to me. It's so funny how things work, I think we were meant to dance together. 

Candice V

Whenever I had
questions about my pregnancy she always provided her knowledge and if she was unsure, she was honest and would research whatever it is I may have questioned. She made my experience so lovely and honest. Five months postpartum Tiara is still very much involved and still sends me information relevant to my personal needs as a new mom.
Tiara has been a breath of fresh air and everything I need from a doula.

MeChelle S

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Atlanta, GA

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